Updating Your On-Hold On A BT Meridian Telephone System

To get music on-hold working on a BT Merdian Telephone system you need to do these two things:

1 Connect an MoH (Music on Hold) player

2 Program the system using a handset.

Connect the MoH Payer 

You will need an MoH player

This will broadcast an on-hold production into your telephone system in a constant audio stream.

On some Merdian systems you will see a 3.5mm jack input labelled Moh or BGM

However on older systems wires will have to crimpted onto the patch board, you will need an engineer for this.

It is worth investigating, as there may be an old MoH player connected that has is not working, if this is the case simply swap in a new one.

Program The handset

BT Merdian Programming

To enter a programming session, follow the next few simple steps:

1) Press FEATURE * * 2 6 6 3 4 4

2) Enter Password: 2 6 6 3 4 4

Display will read: " Terminals & Sets"

Using the navigation keys, as displayed below,

follow the next simple steps:


3) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "Lines"

4) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "Services"

5) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "System Speed Dial"

7) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "Passwords"

8) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "Time and Date"

9) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "System Programming"

10) Press: SHOW

Display will read: "Change DN's"

12) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "Feature Settings"

13) Press: Show

Display will read: "Background Music"
Press Change "softkey" to Y

14) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "On hold"
Press  change"softkey" until you see Music 

15) Press: NEXT

The handsets work to program the system, you simply need to know what they keys represent.  For this you can get keypad overlays.

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