Updating Your On-Hold On A 3CX Telephone System

It is quite easy to change your music on-hold production with a 3CX telephone system, just remember that this a key time to communicate with your customers, a dedicated on-hold production will always be more effective than just music.

Follow these simple steps:

There is an advantage in having the on-hold production beginning at a different place each time a call is placed on hold, this is better for getting marketing messages across to the callers and lets them hear something different each time they call.  To achieve this you will have to upload more than one file and set them to play in a random order.

  1. Log in to 3CX portal as admin.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Go to Music on Hold

  4. Upload files in designated format.

  5. Choose randomization option from bottom of screen – recommend per call option.

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