Music curated for you with no PRS and PPL fees

If you are looking for great music to play in your retail spaces, with no associations to other brands or products, then Sound Marketing's Direct Licensed Music system is the perfect choice.

  • Music curated for you and your customers

  • Save money with PRS or PPL fees

  • Free from DJ interruption

  • No competitors' adverts

  • Optional marketing content

  • Creates a positive buying environment

  • Encourage customer dwell time

  • Different music every day

With Sound Marketing's Direct Licensed Music Service all tracks played are logged automatically and the artist paid for each play; without the PRS and PPL taking an administration charge.


Unlike with the performing rights bodies the artists get a clear record of what tracks were played and when, so they can be confident they are getting exactly what they deserve.

DLM Music Styles 

To help us deliver the perfect blend of music for your locations we have divided the DLM styles into Profiles

EnergiseSound M
00:00 / 03:00

Now Pop, Upbeat Vocal, Workout Beats, Pumped, High Energy

Jazzy BluesSound M
00:00 / 03:00

Smooth Jazz, Upbeat Trad,  Timeless,  Lounge, Mellow Vibes

PopSound M
00:00 / 03:00

Now Pop, Chilled Pop, Upbeat Vocal,  Timeless, High Energy

RelaxedSound M
00:00 / 03:00

Mellow Vibes, Smooth Jazz, Chilled Pop, Lounge, Super Chilled Beats  

TranquilSound M
00:00 / 03:00

Ambient Moods, Gentle Rhythms, Super Chilled Beats, New Age Instrumental, Mellow Vibes

Easy Set Up and Installation

  1. We help you to select the perfect balance of music for you and your customers

  2. Your instore audio player is loaded on all the tracks from the profiles you have selected

  3. We program your daily schedules

  4. Your Instore Audio player is installed

  5. Your customers hear great music

The instore audio player comes preloaded with music, an internet connection is used for updates

DLM Solo

A comprehensive catalogue of music from one Music Style.


Music is arranged in profiles to aid daily schedule building.

£28.00 a month

£48.00 a month

Music for trade counters


Two music styles provide more flexibility with a wider catalogue of music.


More music profiles can help to provide a diverse music mix.


Christmas Music


£38.00 a month

£58.00 a month

DLM Choir

With every style and music profile, the very best and most extensive catalogue of music is at your fingertips.


Christmas Music



Marketing messages can be voiced and added to your broadcasts. (Max of 7 new recordings a year)

£48.00 a month

£68.00 a month

Direct Licensed Music Packages

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