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Sound Marketing was founded in 1997 and we are one of the country’s leading suppliers of audio marketing solutions for business. From our inception, our focus has been to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our very first customer was American Express, and today our customers range from large blue-chip companies to small independent businesses. All of our customers; no matter what their size or requirements, receive the same level of service. Although the technology we now use to deliver our products onto your phone system or into your showroom has changed, our level of commitment to our customers has not.

Strattons House the home of audio marketing
Otis is probably the most popular member of our team; also the most photogenic.

One of the keys to our strength and an essential part of our philosophy, is keeping everything in house, from our bespoke online scripting system, to the recording and production of the audio, everything is done at our offices at Strattons House in Melksham.

 We enjoy being active in the local community 
Young Melksham

A local organisation we continue to support is Young Melksham

A fantastic group who help the youth of the local area.  It is run by a small group of hardworking people who make a massive impact on the local community.

 Members of the team often join the working parties at a Nature Reserve very close to Strattons House, Conigre Mead. 

Darren and Mike, part of the Sound Marketing team who renovated the cinema room at Young Melksham.




Head Of Well-being

My main role is to keep everyone smiling, and in return I expect plenty of attention, treats and tickles.

Nicki Cooper

Managing Director

Born in Northumberland and raised in North Yorkshire – I’m proud of my northern roots but also love the South West of England where Sound Marketing are based.

A late starter in marketing some might say but now dedicated to ensuring our clients receive a second to none service. I’m proud of the length of time our clients stay with us, testament to our aim of always exceeding expectations.

Email: nicki@soundm.com

Darren Moffatt

Sales Director

As an experienced Sales Director I bring focus and energy to our team, enabling them to have clear targets with achievable goals.


A lifetime spent playing and loving music gives me an intrinsic feel for audio, helping to make our products the very best they can possibly be.

Email: darren@soundm.com

Lucia Pike

Senior Account Manager

From managing property to managing accounts, I’ve made a leap in to marketing that I love!

I’m always happy to hear from my customers and help them create the perfect script for their business, ensuring they are receiving the best possible service from Sound Marketing.

Direct Dial: 01225 701619
Email: lucy@soundm.com


Michael Stubbings

Studio Manager

I have always been fascinated by audio and music since discovering AC/DC at age 11, picking up a guitar shortly after. After getting my A Level in Music Tech, I went on to graduate university with a degree in Music Production which further peaked my interest in the technological side of audio mixing. I joined Sound Marketing in November 2017 and can’t wait to see what my future holds here in the coming years!

Direct Dial: 01225 701611
Email: michaels@soundm.com

Keith Hopkins

Sales Manager

I started working for Sound Marketing in 2018. I really enjoy and have a good track record at building working relationships, I believe this is key if you are to give excellent customer service.

I have many years’ experience working within the different facets of the automotive industry from auctioneering at electronic motor auctions, being the Motor Manufacturer Account Manager with HPI working and liaising with all of the Manufacturer Used Car Managers to Franchise Manager for Subaru and Isuzu UK, speaking with many franchised and non-franchised dealerships to take the Subaru and Isuzu range. I am very organised and I hate being late for meetings. My favourite sport is Badminton.

E: keithhopkins@soundm.com

Yanti Pegler

Finance Manager

From working in Customer Service to becoming PA for the Production Director of a tyre company in Indonesia gave me bags of confidence but accounting always fascinated me the most. I worked in a retail business when I first came to the UK, starting as Sales Assistant then progressing to Manager of the Information Desk and Cash Office. Studying accountancy in my spare time, between my work shifts was not easy to do, but I persevered and it paid off as I have now been able to join a great Company with a great team!

Direct Dial: 01225 701601
Email: yanti@soundm.com

Mike Brown

Account Manager

A humble South Westerner and the new face at Sound Marketing. I look forward to helping give our customers the best experience possible. I’m committed to customer service excellence, and getting the right products to those who can make the best use of them.

I’m passionate about audio technologies and computer software, when I’m not in the office you can find me twiddling with my guitar in the sound booth.

Direct Dial: 01225 701628
Email: mike@soundm.com


Anna McDonagh

Account Manager

I graduated from Cardiff University Law School in 2019 and whilst I may not be taking the traditional route, I’m loving being in the world of Marketing. From creating scripts and social media content to forming relationships with customers, I love the variety of my role and always endeavour to provide the very best service. When I’m not in the office, I go to as many live music events as I can, especially those showcasing up and coming artists.

Direct Dial: 01225 701630
Email: anna@soundm.com

Stacey Jones

Sales Administrator

I started working for Sound Marketing many years ago, they have not only watched me get married, but also supported me whilst I brought my 3 children into the world. My role is what keeps the wheels spinning - from the Sales Department to the Account Managers, I ensure that everything is in place, so we can provide a seamless and professional service to our customers.

Being organised is what I do best!

Direct Dial: 01225 701632
Email: stacey@soundm.com

Caspar Brown

Studio Technician

I have a keen interest in audio and as a result can rarely be found in silence. Since I began exploring the world of musical instruments from a young age, I found my interests lying in a more technical side of sound. After completing a degree in Audio Production, I continued to explore further techniques of sound manipulation, which led me to Sound Marketing. So let’s get marketing that sound!

Direct Dial: 01225 701618
Email: caspar@soundm.com

Carol Matthews

Finance Administrator

I started working for Sound Marketing back 2003 as an Account Manager and I have always enjoyed working for them.

I however did take a break for a few years in 2009 because my husband and I, was given the opportunity to work in of working in Egypt.

In 2013 on our return to England, I was very fortunate to be offered a new position back with Sound Marketing. I now help our Finance Manager with the day to day finances for Sound Marketing.

Direct Dial: 01225 701601
Email: carol@soundm.com

A Brief History Of Our Time At Sound Marketing


Sound Marketing established and we start selling on hold audio delivered via cassette tapes

Our first customers are Haynes Publishing and AMEX who are both still clients today, 20 years later

George Heath Motors in Birmingham become our first motor client; still a customer today as part of Robins & Day

We move premises to Box Hill in Wiltshire as the Company starts to expand.


Some brand new technology comes on the scene so we upgrade our equipment!


Another move, this time to our current HQ in Melksham, Wiltshire.


We set up the Audio Marketing Association (Europe) with several other major industry competitors, to ensure excellence within our industry.

Sound Networks is established as part of the Company to ensure we have our own IT expertise in an increasingly IT focussed telephony industry.


We become The Sound Marketing Group as Sign Marketing (UK) Ltd and Embroidery UK Ltd are born.

Internet based uploading of audio to phone systems is introduced to the industry.


Our Studio facilities are upgraded to include a sound booth so we can host Voicing sessions at our premises.

Our ground breaking Daily News Announcements service is introduced so our clients can have new audio EVERY day.


Advances in telephony mean new hardware is needed once again – this time for MP3 files.


A management buyout takes place at Sound Marketing with the goal of growing the business even more.


A major rebrand is completed across the Sound Marketing Group.


We have a major expansion of the team recruiting more scriptwriters and Business Development personnel.

Online profiles for all our clients introduced – across all businesses.

Further technological advances in telephony mean web based phone systems are possible which audio files can be uploaded to.


Online scripting platforms are developed for our clients to add huge value to our offering.


The Audio Marketing Associate (Europe) joins forces with OHMA - the American equivalent – to form the EMA / Experience Marketing Association.

New national contracts awarded to Sound Marketing for telephone audio.



Developed audio expertise for cloud based and VOIP telephony.


Launched our Telephone Audio Reseller Platform.


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