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Dedicated Account Managers

At Sound Marketing we ensure that when you want to discuss your audio or account, you get to speak to someone who understands you. 

All customers are allocated a dedicated Account Manager, it is their job to make sure the audio you need is the audio you get. Using our sophisticated CRM, every detail of your requirements is recorded.  This ensures that musical preferences, language, accent / tone of voice and pace are always just as you need.  It also ensures that audio files are delivered in exactly the right format with the correct bit rate and compression setting to ensure your audio sounds great.

Your Account Manager can help with everything from script writing to technical support. Available 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, your Account Manager will always be happy to hear from you.


Unique in our industry, our Account Managers take a pro-active approach.  We make it our job to ensure your productions are always up to date so we’ll chase you for updates and carefully monitor and update date related messages.


State of the art in-house studio

Most on-hold companies outsource the recording of their productions, but we believe our customers get a better service and an improved product because we keep it in-house. With an in-house studio we can voice quickly, flexibly and provide a better product because we have complete control at every stage of the production process.  Specially trained and using cutting-edge equipment, our studio team produce the highest possible quality audio.


Unique online systems

Designed by script writers, for script writers, the Sound Marketing Online Portal is an easy way to manage your telephone on-hold scripts. Once logged in, customers can view their current script, see previous scripts, listen to our vast music library, try the full range of voiceover artists, edit and sign off their own unique on-hold productions.


Audio for a changing world

At Sound Marketing we are constantly learning and adapting the audio we produce to sound good on new and changing telephony.  Cloud-based telephony requires audio to be treated in a special way, with files needing to be in the correct file format and bit rate to play on the telephone systems.  Mobile phones can squash and distort audio and music beds produced for standard PBX telephone systems may not sound good at all when played through a cloud-based system.  We are continually adapting our Studio processes to ensure your audio sounds great, whatever the technology.


Moving forward

We’re constantly improving our service, whether it’s the latest studio technology or optimising the scripting process. Sound Marketing is leading the industry, and we'll always keep pushing forward.


Our professional audio business has been built on the principles of treating our colleagues and customers with respect. It is one thing to have a Mission Statement and a set of values, but another to ensure you live up to these in every interaction; and this is what we aim for every day.


Our mission statement:

The Sound Marketing Group is a customer focused organisation delivering quality products and services. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in each of our specialist divisions.

What Our Customers Say About Us

At Sound Marketing we have been working with businesses across many sectors for over 23 years.  During this time, we have developed processes to help us deliver an exceptional level of customer service.  We have achieved this by creating a set of values that governs how we treat each other and our customers.  

Just a few of the hundreds of businesses who rely on us for professional audio

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